How to Create a Post with idhubs Ai Powered Content Developer

Creating a Post with idhubs AI-Powered Content Developer

  1. Log in to your idhubs account and navigate to My Ecosystem.

  2. Select "idhubs Global" from the menu.

  3. If you have a personal website, click on the "Write Post" option.

  4. Choose the option to utilize the idhubs AI-powered content developer.

  5. Begin by typing a question related to your topic.

  6. Click on "Click me for ideas" to generate content suggestions based on your question.

  7. Enter your question and click "Right here the answer." Carefully review the response and format it to your liking.

  8. Provide a title for your post and format it as necessary.

  9. Optionally, modify the text color to your preference.

  10. Include an image or video in your post.

  11. Decide whether to publish the article immediately or schedule it for a later time.

  12. Enhance the discoverability of your article by adding relevant hashtags.

  13. Lastly, publish the article.